Working Mum: That clown's a joke. My boy did the heavy lifting

By Giles Broadbent on August 7, 2014 7:00 PM |



By Tabitha Ronson

School's out for summer!

Unlike previous years when I have struggled to cope with the seemingly endless break, I have learned from my past mistakes.

Master A's in camp for four weeks and then we're off on our summer holiday together for the final two week period. I feel almost smug - although I know better than to get ahead of myself. It only takes one recurring bout of impetigo and I will be up the proverbial creek.

But let's stick with the positives. The theme of this week's camp has been circus. Among other exciting skills, Master A has learned to juggle, adeptly use a Diabolo, and has even taken part in some aerial workshops.

The most I learned at camp was how to identify wild animal droppings and that my tuck money went further if I spent it on penny chews rather than blowing it all on a packed of Bones or Claws.

On Tuesday night, Master A sprang it on me that he needed a costume for a circus-themed pageant the next day.

He followed this first announcement with: "I don't want to go as a clown."

I put down the Face Painting kit I'd retrieved from the back of one of the cupboards. Right. So, I've got just few hours to cobble together a circus costume, with by far the easiest option removed.

I can't do anything by halves so, of course, Master A had to have the best costume for the pageant. While Master A went off to visit the Land of Nod, I, like one of the shoemaker's elves, beavered away into the night.

A Victorian-style circus strongman, complete with slicked-back hair, eyebrow pencil drawn curly moustache, red polyester cape and a "200kg" barbell, made from a garden cane wrapped in Duct tape, with paper plates at each end for weights, swaggered into camp the next day.

Yes, I was feeling confident Master A had the pageant's Best Costume award in the bag.

At pick up, I watched as a boy, dressed in a shop bought clown costume, skipped out wearing a giant "Winner" badge.

Working mum, considering lodging an appeal with the pageant judges.