White collar boxing for Wharfers in store at Limehouse Marina Elite

By Beth Allcock on August 14, 2014 5:32 PM |



Boxing is the ideal sport for Wharfers with a competitive streak according to fight promotor Mickey Helliet, who's helping to set up a five-star gym in Limehouse.

The idea is the brainchild of businessman and former amateur fighter Alan Edwards who said the pugilist's art changed his life by boosting discipline, focus and belief.

And his dream will take shape with the Limehouse Marina Elite, a waterside centre with a luxury health club and sports medical facility.

Mickey, a top boxing promoter and Mayfair Sporting Club managing director, said: "There's something very primal in the mentality of Canary Wharf and the City. We're offering those people the opportunity to do boxing in a professional way, in controlled conditions that are not intimidating. It's all very civilised.

"I know a lot of top level companies like to use boxing as a corporate hospitality tool as well."

White collar fighters will be trained by professional boxing coaches inside a dedicated training ring once the venue opens on October 6. The technologically-advanced facility also has a 20x20ft ring in an altitude chamber to vary oxygen levels for professionals.

To monitor elite performance it will be decked out with cameras, spring loaded punch bags, two ice baths to aid muscle recovery and a Boxmaster unit that acts as a hi-tech coach.

Alan, 42, is also keen to involve Tower Hamlets' youngsters. He said: "Froch and Groves was a great fight and we have to bring it to a greater demographic.

"East London's where it all began and where we are building up to invest in a sport which gives people belief in themselves."

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