Video: Base jumpers leap off top of Canary Wharf tower

By Rob Virtue on August 11, 2014 10:43 AM |

basejumping panpen.jpg

Stunned drinkers and staff at a bar near Canary Wharf watched horrified as two base jumpers launched themselves off a balcony 48 floors up.

The incident happened at the Attic Bar in Pan Peninsula last month.

The two unknown men sat in the bar for a number of hours waiting for the wind speed to go down. At last orders they got changed in the toilets before strolling across the bar and on to the balcony.

They then leapt off while screams of "please come down" can be heard in the background.

See the Video:

But the duo land safely in the street below. While driving away later they are caught by police but no action was taken.

The base jumpers said: "On the night itself, we were there for a few hours just chatting.

"The wind speed was a bit too high so we were just waiting for it to pass.

"When last orders was called, we checked the wind speed again and luckily it was safe so that was our moment to jump.


"It was an incredibly ballsy way to do it. Striding across the bar and the bar staff just didn't spot us.

"Now, I just have a huge sense of accomplishment having succeeded in jumping off such an iconic building in London."

The footage was shown on adventure web channel EpicTV.

The police are yet to comment on the incident.