Stress relief is a walk in the park with Green Space Life Coaching

By Rachel Bishop on August 4, 2014 12:29 PM |



In a sea of more than 8million people battling for the Tube, the bar, or even the last BLT in Tesco, London is a stressful place.

Thankfully we have plenty of green spaces to hide in the capital but that's often not enough to rid yourself of the stresses of everyday life.

Karen Liebenguth who runs Green Space Life Coaching, may have come up with a very simple, but very effective solution.

She said life coaching in an outdoor space can have huge benefits and her sessions took place only 20 minutes from Canary Wharf.

"A lot of people want to talk about stress at work, feeling lonely or just the everyday pressures of life," she said as we strolled through Victoria Park.

For most Londoners, myself included slowing down isn't easy, but in this beautiful space with Karen's calming voice, I managed to gear down to a gentle potter within a few minutes.

Karen said: "People arrive at a session on auto-pilot and at a fast pace. Then we walk across the land and they slow down.

"The green of the park gives space for thinking. It allows the mind to flow and not to let it get static and stuck. Our affinity to nature may have been lost in city life but there is good evidence that we have a strong need to spend time in natural settings.

"London has some fabulous green spaces - parks, squares, commons and churchyards - so many of which are little explored.

"Clients often come away from a session saying they have walked their way out of a problem into a solution."

Taster sessions are free. A one off hour-long session costs £65.

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