Review: Boomtown Festival, Winchester

By Rachel Bishop on August 28, 2014 5:37 PM |



I have never been to something quite so insane and visually spectacular than Boomtown.

The festival welcomed 38,000 people looking to grab some last minute festival action, and Boomtown provided it.

In this mad mixture of different eclectic districts nothing felt real for the four days we were there and that's exactly what we wanted.


Although the music is never the focus of this festival, highlights included Alabama 3, who's twangs and dirty rock filled the entire Devils Kicks tent as it poured down outside.

The Cat Empire and NOFX delivered entertaining sets, but the real surprise was Shaggy, who somehow managed to bring his cheesy rapping to the hills of Winchester's ultimate alternative festival and everyone loved it.

Boomtown2014 2.png

A lot of love and attention has gone into this festival, but I'd recommend not forking out on the Boomtique Village, which we did with clearly higher expectations (having paid £445 for a tipi) than were necessary.

When the rain came down (as forecast) the organisers greeted it with complete surprise coupled with annoyance that we were bothered.

Had we been down in the mud and falafel trucks with the majority of the festival goers, we would have been more than happy.


The most fun seemed to be had by these much smarter party animals amid the stray wellies and action -don't waste money on tipis or yurts and get down and dirty with everyone who makes the festival what it is - the creative team on the ground and the people that come to dance.

Go to to keep an eye out for next year's festival information.