Peter Golds: Why Britain's Jews are worried

By Rob Virtue on August 22, 2014 11:00 AM |



by Peter Golds

In September 1935 the Nazi Government of Germany promulgated the Nuremberg Laws, one key feature of which was to re-define German Jews as Jews in Germany, thereby in a single added word casting this community out of mainstream society.

Today in Europe there are levels of anti-Semitism, directed at individual or imagined Jews, on a level not seen in seven decades.

Tower Hamlets was the scene of the Battle of Cable Street, yet in the past week people have taken to the streets of London with signs saying: "Hitler was right."

Locally, less than two weeks ago, youths on an estate in Poplar said to a journalist, a non-Jew, "F*** off Jew, you are not welcome here".

The police said of scenes at this estate that no laws had been broken.

In recent weeks there have been more than 200 individual anti-Semitic attacks in this country and not a single arrest.

Where are our police?

Jews have conflicting views on the situation in Gaza.

Everyone that I know is concerned about the overall Middle East crisis including Iraq and Syria along with Gaza.

Mayor Lutfur Rahman may well have satisfied certain prejudices with his flag raising. But one consequence has been to give, I suspect unintended, support to those who indulge in one of the most virulent of race hatreds - that of Jew hatred.

Jews are now worried - in this of all countries.

■ Peter Golds is Conservative councillor for Island Gardens.