Peace cards sent to Israel and Palestine governments by east London children

By Rob Virtue on August 11, 2014 2:16 PM |

anti-terror cards.jpg

Cards made by east London schoolchildren have been sent to the Israeli and Palestinian governments as part of a campaign to spread a global message of peace.

Under the scheme, supported and financed by Docklands Victims Association, there are plans to send cards to governments across the globe.

It has already dispatched the first 100.

Jonathan Ganesh, president of the DVA, which was started in the wake of the Canary Wharf bomb in 1996, said: "I'm very pleased that every world leader will be receiving a card that seeks and encourages peace.

"We have all had enough of conflict and terrorism; and this wonderful children programme sends out a very positive message around the world that we owe it to all our children to find a better way forward."

One of the organisers, 16-year-old Hunna Ihsan, a youth leader DVA, said: "As a result of the tremendous religious and cultural diversity within east London, children of all creeds play and work together in peace. We feel the rest of the world should try to follow their example."

A number of children across the east London area are taking part in the initiative.