Model sexually assaulted by pervert photographer appeals for other victims to come forward

By Rachel Bishop on August 13, 2014 7:16 AM |

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A woman who was sexually assaulted by a photographer who used his job to take advantage of models is urging others potential victims to come forward.

Jenny*, 27, visited Shaun Colclough's studios in Wallis Road, Hackney, in March 2011 while she was working as a part time model.

She said: "He approached me and asked if I wanted to build up my portfolio. He had a great-looking website and a lot of professional looking shots, so I took this to mean he's working with a lot of models.

"But as soon as I got to the studios and met him I felt this wasn't normal. He didn't seem normal.

"The other girls I've spoke to about him have said the same thing - we all seemed to have a similar experience where he's intimidating and makes you feel vulnerable. I felt incredibly isolated."

The 40-year-old freelance photographer, who had numerous models on his client base, persuaded Jenny to undress during the photo shoot and then touched her intimately, despite her attempts to get away from him.

She reported the incident to Tower Hamlets police, who launched an investigation and searched Colclough's home in Amhurst Road.

Police seized his computer equipment where they found images of a woman (now 25) who had visited the studios and had been also sexually assaulted by Colclough.

After a thorough investigation, Colclough was sentenced on June 24 at Snaresbrook Crown Court to seven years in jail for the sexual assault of a 25-year-old woman and Jenny.

He was given a four year sentence for the assault on Jenny and three years for the assault of the 25-year-old woman. The sentences are to run consecutively so he will serve seven years. He will also go on the sex offenders register indefinitely.

During the case, it emerged Colclough had already been in jail, getting a six-year sentence for raping an elderly woman in 1996 when he was 22.

He was not caught until 2002 when DNA was matched to the crime.

Jenny said: "I'm sure there are lots more victims out there - and not just other girls, he has men on his website and if you look in their eyes they look terrified.

"He has been through two sex offenders programmes, he raped an elderly woman, and he's still out there acting likes this.

"It's worth reporting it. I'm not saying it wasn't difficult, but it's got to be done. I would encourage all women to trust their instincts.

"If I hadn't come forward and said something then we would still have a convicted rapist out there doing the same thing."

Colclough's Facebook page advertising his business was still active following his arrest despite it having been reported a number of times. Facebook took the page down last week after it was contacted by The Wharf.

DC Richard Brierley of Tower Hamlets CID said: "It is possible that other women have suffered similar assaults, and I would urge any other victims to contact police.

"They will be given the full support of specially trained officers and their allegations will be thoroughly investigated."

*Name has been changed.