Labour Group's cycling proposals rejected by Tower Hamlets First

bike ride142.jpg

Tower Hamlets Labour Group has branded as "bizarre" objections to plans targeting improvements to cycling infrastructure across the borough.

At a meeting last week, representatives for Tower Hamlets First (THF) rejected its support for the London Cycling Campaign's Space for Cycling initiative - although the group had given the thumbs-up during election period.

The entire council voted in support of the scheme on the night and advised officers to work with members and residents to develop details and suggest alternatives for more effective solutions.

Rachel Blake, Labour Councillor for Bow East, said: "The THF response to our proposals was as bizarre as it was disappointing given they all made promises to voters to support cycling.

"The proposals were agreed at Full Council, I really hope the Mayor will listen and decide to act.

"Cycling is a great way to get around but too often badly designed roads and paths make it incredibly unsafe. This project should help to make those routes safer and encourage more people to take up cycling."

Officers will bring a feasibility report to the council later this year.

A spokesperson from Mayor Lutfur Rahman's office said: "This is a storm in a teacup brewed for political point scoring.

"The THF group agreed with the principles of the motion but were concerned about the lack of evidence from engagement and consultation with local residents and community groups.

"Cllr Blake admittedly failed to provide that evidence during the debate.

"The Mayor stands fully behind his commitments on space for cycling, and has already begun the work of implementing them."