East London's history told on the Emirates Air Line

By Beth Allcock on August 5, 2014 12:15 PM |

cable car emirates.jpg

Stories of east Londoners and their heritage can be heard high above the Thames.

The Emirates Air Line now has an in-cabin feature tour introduced by BBC presenter Simon Reeve.

The Londoner penned and recorded the voiceover which is broadcast to a backdrop of the Greenwich Peninsula, Docklands, Canary Wharf and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Figures from Canary Wharf Group, the Museum of London Docklands, Parkour Generations, the ABP and others, share snippets and memories.

Danny Price, head of the Emirates Air Line, said: "People were so passionate. We wanted them to tell their story of their particular part of the world and the idea was to bring as much conversation as possible.

"Many customers enjoyed the fantastic views - they knew there was a fantastic amount of history there but they had to go to five or six places to understand what the locations were about."

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