Duck and Waffle chef chats ahead of Meatopia appearance

By Rachel Bishop on August 31, 2014 12:38 PM |


Duck and Waffle will be bringing its Hara Bhara lamb cutlets (fresh and green in Hindi) to this year's Meatopia after storming last year's event.

Executive chef Dan Doherty, pictured, will be returning with his team to the festival after surprising critics with their appearance last year.

He said: "A few eyebrows were raised last year and people were like 'what are you doing here?'. But we were named by a number of people as one of the best places to go to, so I think we showed that it doesn't matter if your place isn't always as meat-orientated as others. Anyone can take on the challenge."

Despite the huge success of his restaurant, Dan remains modest and said he would like to think his food boiled down to "real homely cooking."


He said: "Our signature dish - the duck filet and a waffle with maple syrup - is strange sounding, but it's all about the cooking of it."

The origin of ingredients is also key for Dan, especially where meat is concerned and he recently visited one of the producers he buys from - organic Welsh farm the Rhug Estate.

He said: "It's just fantastic there. The animals all seem happy, they are living in great conditions and the people who look after them really seem to care about them. If you use good produce you've almost won the battle - after that you just need to try not to mess it up when cooking it."

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