Docklands victims call for UN intervention in Libya

By Rob Virtue on August 26, 2014 2:27 PM |

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United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has been urged by the Docklands Victims Association to step in to protect the people of Libya.

The Middle East country is being plagued by ongoing violent conflicts between rival groups.

The DVA, which was set up in the wake of the IRA's bombing of Canary Wharf with Semtex supplied by former Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi, has said it is time for the world to make a stand.

The group has had regular meetings with Libyan victims of Gaddafi's regime as part of its campaign for global peace.

DVA president Jonathan Ganesh said: "The international community through the UN must do more for the Libyan people to prevent crimes against humanity being carried out by the militia.

"We have been working with the Libyan people, who we regard as our brothers and sisters, they now live in fear of this brutal militia."

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In the letter to Ban Ki Moon, Mr Ganesh said: "Through our direct communications with members of the civilian population within Libya, we are able to confirm that appalling crimes against humanity are being carried out by the militia.

"It would appear that these brutal factions are utilising fear to destabilise the country and eradicate democracy."

He urged the UN to "immediately intervene" to "prevent the loss of innocent lives".