Dating site for supercar owners and enthusiasts launches

By Rachel Bishop on August 2, 2014 8:09 AM |


Supercar owners and those that admire their lifestyle can now be brought together in a new online dating site $

Canary Wharf resident Sangeeth Segaram created the site after he found his lifestyle as a property developer and entrepreneur made it hard to date conventionally.

He said: "I spoke to many female colleagues about online dating and the general consensus was that lots of men pretend to be wealthy.

"Carrying property deeds and bank statements on first dates is cumbersome, so I conceived the idea that performance car ownership would provide a glimpse of a date's wealth.

"$ enables efficient dating between supercar owners and companions that share a passion for the supercar lifestyle, such as Michelin dining, jet set holidays and high octane experiences."

The selection process for supercar owners is stricter than for the dates, but Sangeeth says no-one will be judged by their appearance.

He denied the site was for people who were focussed purely on wealth and said there was more to making a connection than money.

He said: "Beyond the first 10-15 minutes of a supercar date, the chemistry is down to the humour, charisma and personality of the dates - owning a V12 engine isn't an antidote.

"No-one needs to date a supercar owner, but it's a question of whether you would like to try something that's different. It's whatever happens on the date that counts."

The owner of a Lamborghini Murcielago Lp-640 Roadster himself, Sangeeth is in a long-term relationship with a partner he met through mutual friends.

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