Data blog: What do we do on the internet?

By Giles Broadbent on August 7, 2014 4:51 PM |



What do we use the internet for? No, not *that*. Well, yes, *that* but we choose to undertake more savoury pastimes too.

Check out our graphic to see where your life has gone.

The number of people who use the internet every day in Britain has more than doubled since 2006. 37.6 million adults - 75% of the adult population - said they used the internet daily in 2014 compared to 16.2 million (35%) in 2006.

The percentage of people who said that they hadn't used the internet at all in the past three months was only 13%, down from 40% in 2006.

84% of households in Britain now have internet access, up from 57% in 2006.

The number of people using the internet to get their news has nearly trebled since 2007. 55% of adults said they got their news online these days - more than the 54% who said they used social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

The biggest reason for people not using the internet was that they felt didn't need it or that they didn't find it interesting enough. A third of respondents also listed the fact that they felt they had an insufficient knowledge of how to use the internet as a reason for not having it.