Data blog: How West Ham earned £73.6m in TV distribution deal

By Giles Broadbent on August 6, 2014 1:01 AM |



Shed no tears for West Ham. Turns out the club earned £73.6million as part of the TV distribution deal last season. This was mid-table.

Top was Liverpool with £97.5million and bottom, with a measly £62million, was Cardiff.

How does that bill add up. Check out our graphic below.


TV revenue money based on finishing league position can amount to as little as two percent of total broadcast payments paid to a Premier League club.

Cardiff City received £62,082,302 from the Premier League in broadcast revenue. However, just £1,236,083 of that was based on their finishing league position - that's 1.9%.

At the opposite end of the league though, Liverpool received the highest amount of TV revenue at £97,544,336 - the highest in the league - of which £23,485,577 was based on their league position, 24%

The ratio between the top and bottom earning club was 1.57:1 - and is the most equal distribution amongst the major European leagues.

Each club receives a facility fee, a payment based on the number of times they were shown on TV in addition to their merit fee. All other money is distributed evenly among clubs.

Facility fees only make up, on average, 13% of money received for broadcasting.

Each club received £21,631,444 as part of their equal share - where 50% of all broadcast revenues is distributed equally amongst the clubs.

All money received from overseas broadcasting is also distributed evenly and was £26,295,817 this year.