Blonde's Eye View: Social media and the weather

By Rob Virtue on August 19, 2014 5:45 AM |



by Angela Clarke

Oscar Wilde said: "Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative."

Britain has a dreadful reputation for always talking about the weather. And a well-earned one.

I write a minimum of four weather-centric columns per year and no-one bats an El Nino.

But the times (and the seasons) they are a-changing. We can't be leaning over sepia country fences comparing how big our hailstones were forever.

This is not a Sunday night period drama full of moist working class heroines and humid landowning heroes. This is real life. We are the Wharf. We have a glass-encased, centrally controlled micro-climate. We don't do lunch and we don't do weather. Ha! Who are we kidding? The weather's gone viral.

Every time it rains heavily, "rain" trends on Twitter. Meaning "rain" is the most mentioned word by the site's 15 million active UK based users.

People post screenshots of "current temperature" with the wild abandon of a hurricane. Friends send me screen grabs of the weather forecast (complete with the appropriate smiley or sad emoji face) ahead of planned social events. We no longer need to talk about the weather we can type it.

The occasional outbreak of social media posts has eased, and we've seen new incoming texts about the weather. As pressure gradually increases we may see further showers of screen shots, more prolonged, heavier and more numerous, with a risk of eye rolls and light deleting.

We will grow increasingly breezy, until a new front of weather Selfies (wealfies?) arrive. This is a severe warning: stock up on essentials and don protective clothing.

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