Blonde's Eye View: 24-hour bars in Canary Wharf? Yes please

By Rob Virtue on August 13, 2014 6:34 AM |



by Angela Clarke

Summer is almost over and all we have to look forward to is being broke from exuberant Pimm's sessions, and horizontal rain.

And Christmas. Urgh. Time is slipping through my fingers like a bottle of Pouilly Fuisse fresh from the ice bucket.

As 2015 looms ever closer we must focus on positives: five Tube lines will be run for 24 hours over weekends next year.

How fun it will be for jetlagged tourists, fresh from Gatwick, to travel alongside five-a-side corporate football teams jeering and eating kebabs.

But there is more! Canary Wharf estate is investigating whether bars and shops should stay open 24 hours.

(I included shops for impartiality. I don't give a four pack of figs if I can do my supermarket shop at night, but the promise of a crisp dry white at 4am is beguiling.)

The Wharf asked local businesses if they would be opening 24 hours and I heard the groans from my office. Establishments declined to comment, and several, sounding like mumbling teenagers being quizzed about future life plans, confessed they hadn't really thought about it.

The most shocking response came from Wetherspoon's, West India Quay: "We don't feel there's a market for 24 hour drinking."

Really, mate? Because I wasted at least a third of the last decade looking for somewhere that was still open after 1am. Demand's so high there's an app you can use to locate nearby bars that are still serving.

Of course we want a 24 hour bar in Canary Wharf: we've been leaving the office lights on all night for years as a hint.

Embrace the 24 heaven life: Wharfers, we need never sleep nor be sober again.

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