Jim Fitzpatrick: Gaza upset was unprecedented

By Rob Virtue on August 7, 2014 11:59 AM |



by Jim Fitzpartick

The situation in Gaza prompted the largest number of emails I've ever received on any subject since I first became an MP in 1997.

Having spent many years highlighting the plight of the Palestinians and the need for a two-state solution which ensures peace and stability, I wasn't exactly surprised by the level of concern, but nevertheless it remains an unprecedented outpouring of human anguish.

For my part, I've done all I can to put the concerns of constituents, as well as my own view, in the relevant ears and arenas.

This includes correspondence with the Foreign Office; signing an Early Day Motion in parliament; putting a question to the Prime Minister; taking part in a debate in the Commons, and also attending No. 10 to hand in a letter signed by myself and other MPs.

What else can one do but make use of all appropriate avenues to make representations on this subject?

Not easy to see what else those like ourselves can do in addition to the kind of actions I've outlined above, but that won't stop us in our efforts, of course.

The one thing we perhaps can bear in mind at least, when hope starts to give way to despair on any issue of international concern, is that some of history's seemingly most intractable and long-term conflicts or examples of impasse have eventually seen a resolution.

Surely this one can also reach an optimistic conclusion for Palestinians and
Israelis alike?

■ Jim Fitzpatrick is MP for Poplar and Limehouse