Working Mum: My sly, passive-aggressive boss gets under my skin

By Giles Broadbent on July 28, 2014 12:12 PM |



By Tabitha Ronson

I am having a difficult time with the new manager brought in by my boss. In short, we just don't like each other.

On paper he sounded like a dream colleague (although his application did include a "smell-the-fart" black and white image - he used to be an actor, you know).

In theory he's just another disappointment, someone who promises so much but sadly fails to deliver. Think Gordon Brown, George Clooney as Batman, Wayne Rooney at every World Cup he's ever played in.

In the words of Mark Wahlberg's Det Sgt Dignam in the film The Departed: "I'm the guy who does his job. You must be the other guy." That's how I feel.

We are a close knit team. We might not always see eye-to-eye. Hey, we spend more waking hours with each other than we do our loved ones, so, of course, sometimes we may get a little fed up with one another.

But what we all share is a respect for the work, the role we play. We cover each other's backs and we look out for the wellbeing of all team members.

I've been out of the office at a conference with my boss for a couple of days. I returned to an Everest-sized inbox - most of them from aforementioned new manager. He has a horrible habit of copying everyone into emails. Even worse, he slyly covers his own back while dropping others in it.

That's not how you play the game. You protect, field and take the hit.

Not so this guy. He hides behind his emails. One of the many I was copied into - along with the rest of the team - read: "The last I understood, Tabitha was supposed to have contacted Mr X. She's out of the office. Unfortunately, I cannot access her emails but the fact you have raised the issue I can only apologise on her behalf for not having done so."

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! On so many levels - and crafty. In truth, Mr X and I went to lunch a few days before and resolved the issue.

However, according to the email that went to most of my colleagues, I failed to do my job. He apologised on my behalf too. How very kind of him.

Working Mum, welcoming any suggestions on how to deal with this toad.