Working Mum: Blubbering over my dream summer wardrobe

By Giles Broadbent on July 12, 2014 1:01 AM |



By Tabitha Ronson

This run of good weather has sent me into meltdown - not because of the heat but because of attire.

I relish bad weather because it enables me to hide the growing mounds of flesh beneath layers of clothing. Not so when we're rivalling Rio.

I've tried to hang in there. While others are down to tiny Tees, cap sleeves, floral above-the-knee skirts and Daisy Dukes, I've soldiered on in a blazer, Chambray shirt, Chinos and a scarf, the latter to detract the eye from the bulbous belly.

However, in the words of the Wicked Witch of the West "I'm melting!" I don't know what's worse seeing someone who is sweating profusely or one who is exposing too much wobbly flesh.

I hit the Canary Wharf book stores and I am now the owner of numerous titles: The Two Day Diet; The Fast Diet; Honestly Healthy; Itsu The Cookbook (where every recipe is under 300calories); The Paleo Diet; I Quit Sugar For Life...

In the several weeks in which they have been in my possession I have failed to shift any of the surplus-to-requirement fat.

In fact I have probably put on a couple of pounds. But I'm having huge fun looking at the lovely pictures and pondering on the glorious lifestyles that accompany the svelte dream.

I do so love the idea of "layering"; re-inventing comfort food; toting my home prepared lunch in cutesy little jam jars; creating five dishes with cauliflower.

Each of the gurus behind the healthy lifestyle titles talks about the importance of routine when starting out on a programme. This is the one aspect of the books I've found relatively easy to follow.

After the school run, feeding, homework, bathing and putting Master A to bed, I stick in an M&S ready meal, pour myself a glass of Sauvignon, and plonk myself down on the sofa, usually with a pre-supper snack of crackers and cheese, and dive right in to one of the titles, marvelling at the delights of Ni├žoise cauliflower pizza; seared miso-marinated steak; roasted figs in truffle oil and honey and mint and mango marinated courgette spaghetti...

Working Mum, living the dream - but, sadly, only in my head.