West Ham are mid-table - in the kit price league

By Giles Broadbent on July 7, 2014 4:16 PM |



Chelsea and Man Utd are top, West Ham are mid-table and Burnley are bottom. Not our predictions for next season's Premier League placement but the ranking of cost to buy a replica kit.

Check out our graphic to find out more.

Manchester United revealed their new kit today - and, by slapping the short-sleeved version of the home shirt with a price tag of £55, joined Chelsea at the top of the Premier League "kit-price" league.

Fans of Burnley (£43), Swansea (£45) and Stoke (£45) might not see as much success on the pitch but get a much better deal when it comes to buying the shirt.

We've had a look on the website of each club that is taking already orders for 2014/15 shirts, and found out how much they are charging. (Note some clubs are yet to reveal their new kits and are not allowing pre-orders - therefore they are not included in the list.)

All prices are for short-sleeved adult shirts.