Six jailed for racist attack in Tower Hamlets

By Rob Virtue on July 2, 2014 4:41 PM |


Five men and a youth have been sentenced to a combined total of 36 years in prison for a racially and religiously motivated attack which started in a Tesco's store in Tower Hamlets.

The victims, aged 40 and 49 at the time, were left with a fractured skull and two broken wrists after being beaten with weapons including a baseball bat.

The initial incident took place at the store iin Bow at 8.40pm on September 17, 2012. The two victims were assaulted by Abu Bakr Mansha, 30, of Dunbar Road in E7, and a 17-year-old who cannot be named.

After the attack Mansha followed the men to find out where they lived.

An hour later he returned to the site with a group of friends armed with weapons, where the further assault was carried out.

During the sentencing at Inner London Crown Court His Honour Judge Darling said: "Not only was there a religious aspect to this offence, but there was an undoubted racial element.

"Both prior to and after the attack, Mr Mansha is heard to use language that is foul, unacceptable and which reveals a degree of racial intolerance that is worrying."

The Met's Counter Terrorism Command, SO15, investigated the incident and tracked down the suspects.

T/Commander Duncan Ball said: "This was a vicious, racist attack during which the victims received serious injuries.

"The support and assistance of the local community was vital and illustrates the refusal of the public to feel intimidated by such violent criminal behaviour.

The fitting sentences provide strong reassurance that we remain resolute in pursuing those who carry out acts of violence. "


Mansha was sentenced to 10 years in prison for grievous bodily harm with intent. The youth was ordered to serve 18 months in detention for the same charge.

Four others were also convicted of GBH. Ibrahim Mohammed, 32, of Skelton Road, E7 was sentenced to six and a half years. Javed Patel (left), 29, of Upton Lane in E7 was sent to prison for eight years.

Salim Jada, 30, of Green Street, E7, was sentenced to eight years in prison and Zuber Kara, 30, of Hereford Road in E3 was given two years in prison.

The six were sentenced at Inner London Crown Court on Wednesday.