Tower Hamlets election: Polling station police officers asked to give statements

By Rob Virtue on July 2, 2014 10:14 AM |

police election.jpg

Police officers across Tower Hamlets are being asked to make formal statements on the controversial local elections.

Officers were based at all of the 100 polling stations in the borough and the force said it wants evidence from those present to build as "full a picture as possible" over the events on May 22.

It comes following 84 allegations of electoral malpractice, including voter intimidation at polling stations in the borough. being made to police.

A spokesman for Tower Hamlets Police said: "Police continue to consider complaints stemming from the elections, a number of which relate to alleged behaviour of campaigners at polling stations.

"As part of the debriefing process, officers involved in this operation have been asked to provide accounts of their experiences on the day.

"This will assist not only in providing as full a picture as possible of events on May 22, but also in planning for future operations around elections in Tower Hamlets and elsewhere, including the by-election on 3 July."

It also understand that officers have been assured the evidence given will not affect their careers in the police.

Meanwhile, a group which submitted a petition to the High Court asking it to scrutinise the Tower Hamlets election, have written to Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe for a meeting to discuss their concerns.

Andy Erlam, who is one of four behind the protest, said all petitioners have received personal security advice from Scotland Yard after one of the group had a brick thrown through his restaurant window and his van attacked the day after the papers were lodged.