Peter Golds: Tower Hamlets to play a part in Magna Carta commemorations

By Rob Virtue on July 23, 2014 3:45 PM |



by Peter Golds

According to the BBC, some two billion people live under governments influenced by Magna Carta.

Much of the original document would seem alien to a modern citizen, but the fundamental principle that government, including the Monarch (or President), must be subject to the law is as relevant today as it was in 1215.

As both Richard Nixon and Indira Ghandi learned to their cost, in a democracy nothing will shield an office holder from the law. This is why Magna Carta is deemed to be so important by countries as diverse as the USA and modern India.

Next year the four oldest copies of the original document will, for the first time, be brought together at the British Library.

That a single charter has survived, with parts enshrined into the laws and constitutions of many different countries across the world, brings pride to our nation.

I have been appointed by the Local Government Association as a member of Commemoration Committee. The charter remains one of the links that bring together the body of nations and has been hugely significant in shaping the legal systems that define modern democracy.

I will be working to ensure Tower Hamlets, with its enormous diversity, plays a part in the commemorations.

Our young people, whatever their origins, deserve to see the document that begins the underpinning of their legal rights and responsibilities.