Newham Mayor: Now rezone more of east London

By Rob Virtue on July 22, 2014 10:21 AM |


Calls have been made to rezone West Ham, Canning Town and four DLR station to increase the rate of regeneration in east London.

Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales said it would be unfair not to make the changes after Stratford was given the go-ahead to move from Zone 2 to 2/3 by 2016.

That was announced by London Mayor Boris Johnson on Monday, and now Sir Robin Wales wants other stations to be treated the same.

"While I welcome the decision to rezone Stratford's stations as Zone 2/3, it is a missed opportunity if West Ham, Canning Town and the four DLR stations on the route are not rezoned in the same way," said Sir Robin.

"It makes no sense at all, and is wholly unfair, that passengers from Stratford would pay less to travel to central London than those who joined at Canning Town and West Ham.

"Residents and workers in East London deserve fairness and it is time to redress the balance that has seen east London miss out to west London and the rest of the capital."

The four DLR stations are Abbey Road, West Ham, Star Lane and Canning Town.

If the reduction was in place currently it would see a weekly travelcard from Stratford to central London reduce from £36.80 to £31.40.

He said the lost revenue for Transport for London in cheaper tickets would be outweighed by the economic boost and job creation of more visitors.