New personal training company tracking Wharfer's fitness



Even when they're not physically working out at The Training Base, founder Jason Fox can keep an eagle eye on his clients' fitness rates.

Instead of shadowing their strides during a running homework assignment or counting up exact steps pedometre-style, he's relying on the rather chic Fit Bit wristband.

The device syncs to iPhones to provide instant electronic feedback on anything from calorie burn, distanced walked in a day and sleep patterns, and is offered free as part of the personal trainer's pair of course packages.

Only recently setting up inside the gym at London Marriott West India Quay alongside massage therapist Daniel lima, the 26-year-old said it helped achieve his aim of "corporate wellness".

It's a personal training concept he says particularly targets the stress physical fitness and postural issues faced by Wharfers and City workers and helps them to get moving in a better way.

"The big thing when you're trying to get people to achieve results is accountability," he said.

"That's why people take up personal trainers as they want someone to be accountable to and who will push them.

"You can't get away with slacking the gym and if you don't train there's someone questioning you.

"These bands are great and I use them to get people more active.

"If a client trains one or two times a week I give them homework to do, for example saying ' I want you to go for a run this Friday evening and wear your Fit Bit, so when you come back I can see if you've done it or not and the outcomes.

That's where it holds them accountable and I feel people in E14 are numbers-driven, so this is a way to give them targets."

Jason also uses free app My Fitness Pal with his clients for further electronic assistance for anything from fitness programmes to nutrition advice.

>Standard package at The Training Base costs £440 per month for eight personal training sessions.

>Elite package, for 12 personal training sessions, costs £600 per month

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