Jams and snow globes top list of London City Airport's most confiscated items

By Rob Virtue on July 31, 2014 11:17 AM |


With most of its passengers earning over £100,000 a year you might expect London City Airport's most confiscated item to be fine wines.

However, jams and snow globes have actually topped the list this year, in a top 10 released by the airport.

Wine, vodka, whiskey and body lotion make up the rest of the top six, with the airport reminding passengers any containers with over 100ml of liquid are not allowed on flights.

Declan Collier, CEO of London City Airport, said: "Who knew that the humble snow globe was such a popular souvenir, particularly from a visit to London. The really curious thing is that two thirds of our passengers are business people with an average income of £100,000 per year. Perhaps they simply run out of time after their meeting to pop to Harrods.


"Our advice is that when returning from your holiday this summer, if you buy any souvenirs containing liquid check them in with your hold luggage. Whether it's a snow globe or jar of lemon curd from London, or a bottle of sangria from Spain - the same rules will apply at every airport."

Figures show 72 snow globes were confiscated from those flying. Sports items like tennis racquets also feature on the list.

Just missng out on the top 10 in eleventh place are handcuffs. Four pairs were confiscated in the period from January to June.

1) Jams and preserves (including lots of lemon curd)
2) Snow globes
3) Wine
4) Vodka
5) Body lotion/hand cream
6) Whiskey
7) Tennis racquets
8) Scissors
9) Footballs
10) Champagne