Sex trafficking gang boss who lived the high life in Canary Wharf jailed

By Rob Virtue on July 3, 2014 8:04 AM |


A gang boss who controlled a sex trafficking empire has been sent to prison for 12 years.

Vishal Chaudhary, 35, from India, enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle, living in the Pan Peninsula development in Canary Wharf and driving a Mercedes convertible until his arrest in January last year.

The Met's Trafficking and Kidnap Unit had been monitoring the ringleader whose gang arranged for at least 120 east European women aged between 18 and 45 to come to Britain for what they thought were administrative, cleaning or babysitting jobs.

Once in London they were forced or coerced into prostitution with some being made to have sex with up to 20 men a day.


They were controlled through threats of violence and intimidation. The women, almost all of who were from Hungary, also had their passports retained.


The gang's enforcer was Krisztian Abel, a 33-year-old Hungarian, who lived in Ilford. He threatend and abused the girls.

The prostitution of the women was orchestrated from a make-shift call centre in Brent Cross, where bookings were organised on a commercial scale. Clients were charged between £30 and £100 each hour.

Detective Sergeant Alan Clark, of the Trafficking and Kidnap Unit, said: "Many of the victims have been deeply traumatised by what this gang did to them, and displayed signs of severe distress when they told us what had happened to them. One victim's graphic account actually brought the interpreter to tears.


"They came to the UK for regular employment, to earn money to make a better life for themselves and their families. Instead, they found themselves trapped and at the mercy of this abusive group. I would like to pay tribute to the bravery of these women during what has been a very lengthy case."

Other gang members included Attila Kovas, a Hungarian who lived in Southgate. He was found guilty of conspiracty to traffic.

He was jailed for six years.


Kunal Chaudhary, 32, of Manchester was jailed for five years for conspiracy to traffic, conspiracy to control prostitution and concealing criminal property.

Szilbia Abel, 24, brother of Krisztian, a Hungarian living in Budapest, was extradited to the UK and found guilty of conspiracy to traffic for sexual exploitation and conspiracy to control prostitution for gain.

She was sent to prison for three years.

Krisztian was the only defendent to plead guilty and was jailed for 10 years.

The gang were all sentenced at Croydon Crown Court on July 1.