Blonde's Eye View: Can you live without your phone?

By Rob Virtue on July 23, 2014 8:27 AM |



by Angela Clarke

I left my mobile in a taxi. I would've called the cab company, but the number and my customer reference were on an app on my phone.

Besides - what would I call on? I could have walked round the pedestrian back streets to the venue, but without my phone's map function I was lost.

I could've checked into the event, but the e-ticket was on an email on my phone. I thought about going to the local police station but, without my phone, I couldn't Google where it was.

Phone-less, I reverted to the logistical capabilities of a two year old. We are doomed as a species. Roll on the rise of the apes.

When I first moved to London, over a decade ago (ouch), I carried a mini A-Z in my handbag.

That was replaced with Streetmap printouts. And then the Walkit app. The advent of Uber - which deducts your cab fare from your Paypal account - killed off late night ATM stop offs.

And any last need to carry cash. When even TfL stop taking paper and coins on buses, you know we're experiencing a seismic social shift. It won't be long till we use our phones as Oyster cards.

I have a new God now; battery life. I plug my phone charger in at coffee shops, restaurants, the hairdressers, and the spare socket by one of the shoeshine chairs in the Wharf (I'm not sharing).

My bum and thighs get a great workout, as I spend so much time crouching down tethered to walls by a short lead. If my mobile dies I'm helpless. Imagine what would happen if I lost it completely?

Angela was last seen wandering confused in central London. If you see her, please give her a phone. Thanks.

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