Blonde's Eye View: 61 festivals and 27 Waitrose olives

By Rob Virtue on July 1, 2014 8:37 AM |



by Angela Clarke

Originally there was Glastonbury. Or Woodstock. Or the Summer Solstice. The warm summer months have always been linked with festivals.

It makes sense: the light evenings lull you into a false security that morning is a long way off. It's in our heritage to get wasted this time of year. It's in our blood to party.

Which is great, but following the pattern of 24/7 living, and everyone competing over just how busy they are, summer's been taking steroids and got itself seriously pumped.

According to there are 61 UK music festivals in July alone. How many of them include a yurt in a real ale pub garden and some bunting I can't say.

Add in the literary festivals, the food festivals, and the family festivals and time is looking short. Sports lovers are also juggling the World Cup, Wimbledon, Formula One, the Open Golf, and the Commonwealth Games with work and breathing.

This is like the time I counted 27 different olives available in Waitrose. How does one choose? How do you keep up? My diary for the next two months looks like it's been filled by an alpha-parent obsessed with extracurricular activities.

Due to a ticket-buying error on one day in August I'm supposed to be in both Cornwall and Edinburgh.

Once you start making wall charts, sending multiple diary requests to groups of friends, and bulk-buying baby wipes in preparation for weeks in campsites it's time to reconsider.

Bands, food, alcohol, books, sports, hours on trains and busy motorways: it sounds exhausting. Next year I'm having an old school summer.

Me, some mates, some wine, and a barbecue in the garden. Remember that? Sounds heavenly, and cheap.

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