BBC 2 documentary on the building of Canary Wharf's Crossrail station out later this year

By Rachel Bishop on July 3, 2014 8:00 AM |


A three-part BBC 2 documentary series on the creation of Crossrail will include the construction of the huge station at Canary Wharf.

The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway, by Windfall Films, goes behind-the-scenes in the building of London's brand new railway, due to air later this year.

In episode two the programme will look at the construction of the huge new station at Canary Wharf that's as long as the Gherkin skyscraper is tall and half submerged underwater.

Carlo Massarella, creative director and executive producer at Windfall Films, said: "Crossrail is the biggest infrastructure project happening right now in Europe.

"For almost two years, Windfall Films' cameras have been following key characters on the job - up close - to find out just what goes into a venture of this scale.

"The series offers a fascinating insight into the lives of the engineers on the project, the clever innovations underpinning the construction work and reveals how the team has overcome the biggest challenge of all - building the stations and tunnels while keeping London moving."

As Europe's largest engineering project, Crossrail will be the first complete new underground line in more than 30 years.

The project has employed more than 10,000 engineers and construction workers and when complete will include 42km of new tunnels that will have been built using over 250,000 concrete panels.

  • Episode one: Urban Heart Surgery.
  • This episdoe follows the team of crack engineers as they drive a colossal 1,000-tonne tunnel boring machine through a tiny gap in the congested underbelly of Tottenham Court Road Station - without the passengers on the tube platforms below knowing they are even there.

  • Episode two: Tunnels under the Thames

  • This episode follows the engineers as they take on a Great British obsession - building train tunnels under water whilst Linda Miller, an engineer more at home building space launch complexes at Cape Canaveral, battles to rebuild a Victorian tunnel under the Royal Docks in London's East End.

  • Episode three: Platforms and Plague Pits

  • This episode tracks the team as they battle to put together the giant jigsaw that will become a cathedral-sized station at Canary Wharf. It's so big, they have to build it in a dock and underwater. And as engineers carve out the underground caverns that will become the new stations, they hit on a gruesome discovery.