9 things only a cyclist would understand

By Rob Virtue on July 6, 2014 8:42 AM |


If you're sick of explaining the rules of the road to car drivers and you can't understand why people are shocked at the cost of your bike. Then you'll probably agree with these.

1. Punctures will only ever strike when it's raining, you're far from home and it's the one time you forgot a pump or canister.

2. Despite years of practice you can fall unceremoniously on the busiest road when your feet get stuck in the clip-less pedals, and there will certainly be a school bus of amused children watching too.

3. Nothing hurts as much as an insect in your eye - except the on-going sting caused by the combination of insect and sweat as you try desperately to dig it out.

4. The smug feeling of listening to people moan about being trapped on the tube during rush hour or in the height of summer.

5. Even on the most still and quiet of days there will always be a headwind, and somehow it will never be a tailwind.

6. Calf envy. Why does everyone else seem to have lovely strong and slender calves when they ride a bike?

7. Bike envy. You need a better one and not just one!

8. People who don't use SatNav have a much better sense of direction and can navigate between two points just like everyone used to. And getting lost can lead to you finding amazing new tracks.

9. Pushing harder up a hill just so you can get to the top and freewheel down. It's like being a child all over again and it's amazing!

From Nuffield Health, which is sponsoring the Canary Wharf Tour de France Fan Park.