Wharf worker's desperate plea over son stuck in Syria

By Rob Virtue on June 2, 2014 10:32 AM |


A father of a six-year-old boy trapped in war-torn Syria has launched a campaign to get him home.

Wael Zain, who worker in Canary Wharf for financial services firm Allianz, is pleading for Prime Minister David Cameron to intervene to help Muadh, who the father describes as "deeply traumatised".

Wael, 30, split from his wife in 2010 and his son then travelled back with his mother. They intended to return to UK shortly after.

But when violence broke out, the pair became trapped. Muadh has seen much tragedy including the death of his uncle.

"It's awful," said Wael, who last saw his son when he went to visit him in January 2011. "Especially with the daily updates I'm getting at the moment. They're escaping from one place to another because they're escaping the barrel bombs campaign.

"His favourite uncle when he was with him was struck by large shrapnel in the face and his face was split in half. Muadh's seen decapitated bodies, screams, blood, the sounds of explosions on a daily basis for at least a year now.

"He's stopped speaking. Just a few words here and there like yes and no. He can't sleep. He's deeply traumatised."

Muadh and his mother are in the south-west Syria, 15 minute's drive from the Jordanian border. Wael is calling on the British Government to request Jordan let them in.

"I've written to the Prime Minister and (Foreign Secretary) William Hague but they've ignored me," Wael told the BBC. "The embassy has done what it can but it simply needs to go higher in the British Government. We feel we've been let down."

So far, more than 2,600 people have signed a petition calling for intervention by the British Government.

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