Tower Hamlets election: Commons calls on voters to report fears

By Rob Virtue on June 5, 2014 2:45 PM |

police election.jpg

The Government has called on the people of Tower Hamlets to report any knowledge of wrongdoing over the recent election.

Commons leader Andrew Lansley was speaking after being questioned on the Electoral Commission's investigation into allegations made about the voting process in the borough.

He said Parliament was keeping a close eye on the investigation and urged for findings of the probe to be released soon.

"It is crucial the commission ensures there is a swift investigation into any issues of concern raised in Tower Hamlets to establish the truth and communicate that truth, including through the Minister for Cities and Constitution to this House," he said.

"It enables us to say if anybody in Tower Hamlets themselves have any knowledge of anything which gives them concern about the integrity of the elections, really we do encourage them to ring 101 and contact the police about that."

The Electoral Commission is looking into concerns about intimidation at polling booths as well as why it took the borough over four days to complete the count.

Police have revealed there have been over 80 complaints made to them and yesterday made an arrest in connection with an investigation into voter fraud.

Also speaking in the debate, Poplar and Limehouse MP Jim Fitzpatrick said pointed out recent arrests by the Met Police in connection with the Tower Hamlets election.