Property: Top tips on how to improve your garden for summer

By Rachel Bishop on June 29, 2014 5:00 PM |


The founder of HomeFix Direct - a company that specialises in property management - gives his top tips on how to get your garden ready for summer.

Declan Curran says you can add some greenery, no matter how small the outdoor space, to your garden and inject some colour and personality into the area.

■ Invest in a decked area and some chic garden furniture
Declan says: "It might be a cliché to describe the garden as 'another room of the house', but your home will appeal more with a lovely outdoor space than an otherwise identical dwelling on the same street with a tatty, unkempt, unappealing garden."

■ Stop wishing you had a bigger garden
Declan says: "Even a window box or two can lift the outside of your property and make it look loved. Garden centres sell plastic ones for less than a couple of lattes these days, and the plants to fill it are surprisingly cheap too. "Box hedges can set off the front of a house, or for little apartment balconies try a couple of planters. The cost depends on how much you want to spend, but even £50 will make a huge difference."


■ Keep grass neat, trim the bushes and touch up paintwork
Declan says: "This should really only cost you around £20 for a can of masonry paint (if the garden wall needs it) - the rest should be easily accomplished on a Saturday afternoon free with a bit of effort."

■ Use unusual furniture and accessories
Declan says: "A quirky table and chair set, creative lighting and the occasional retro piece can all add a really personal touch to your garden, and it can all be sourced inexpensively if you shop around. "Unusual and creative furniture can be found on Ebay for a lot less than you'd imagine."