Spectacular photos of the sky in Royal Observatory competition

By Rob Virtue on June 18, 2014 12:29 PM |

Aurora and the Milky Way © Rune Johan Engebo.jpg

Organisers of a photo competition say they have been overwhelmed after spectacular images of the sky from over 50 countries were submitted.

The record number of entries for the Royal Observatory Greenwich run contest include dramatic views of galaxies millions of light years away to scenery closer to home.

Dr Marek Kukula, public astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich and judge in the competition, said: "The competition grows more and more exciting every year, especially with the sheer volume of entries constantly on the increase. I've been overwhelmed to see how the astrophotography community has come up with new and original ways to produce startling images year on year."

The winning images will be shown at the Observatory from September 18 until February next year and cash prizes will be awarded to the top photographers.

See the selection of images below (click on image to enlarge)

Liberty Final © Rakibul Syed.jpg
"Liberty Final"by Rakibul Syed

Comet Lovejoy and Selfie © Abhinav Singhai.jpg "Comet Lovejoy and Selfie" by Abhinav Singhai

IC 443 - The Jellyfish Nebula © Bob Franke.jpg"IC 443 - The Jellyfish Nebula" by Bob Franke

m20Trifid © Bill Hinge.jpg"m20Trifid" by Bill Hinge

PAN-STARRS at the end of the polar night © Rune Johan Engebo.jpg"PAN-STARRS at the end of the polar night" by Rune Johan Engebo

Purace Milky Way © Leonardo Ariza.jpg"Purace Milky Way" by Leonardo Ariza

Skaftafell Starry Night © Stephane Vetter.jpg"Skaftafell Starry Night" by Stephane Vetter

Stargazing at Malin Head © Martina Gardiner.jpg"Stargazing at Malin Head" by Martina Gardiner

Stellar Way © Leonardo Ariza.jpg"Stellar Way" by Leonardo Ariza

Storm Force Aurora at Dunluce Castle © Martina Gardiner.jpg"Storm Force Aurora at Dunluce Castle" by Martina Gardiner

Talmine Bay © Maciej Winiarczyk.jpg"Talmine Bay" by Maciej Winiarczyk

Venus Rising © Ainsley Bennett.jpg"Venus Rising" by Ainsley Bennett

Pictured top is "Aurora and the Milky Way" by Rune Johan Engebo.

The competition, now in its sixth year, is run jointly with BBC's Sky at Night.