Review: Tom's Kitchen picnic hamper, Canary Wharf

By Rachel Bishop on June 13, 2014 9:00 AM |



As the weather (hopefully) improves now we're in the summer months Tom's Kitchen Deli have made it easy to get out the office or take a weekend lunch into the great outdoors with their fully stocked, ready-to-go picnic baskets.

Each Picnic Essentials takeaway (£30) includes a basket, picnic cloth, disposable cups, cutlery and plates, with baguettes, juices and crisps.

Opt for the aptly named Picnic Feast (£100) and you will also receive Champagne, flutes, desserts, chocolate and salads.

Intrepidly leaving the house with my basket on a sunny Saturday, I feared the weather gods might see my attempt at picnicking in May as sheer arrogance and punish me appropriately for my largesse.

And they did - within minutes of stepping outside, the clouds covered the sun and London was bathed in an all too familiar grey. That didn't matter though and my friend and I took to her roof terrace instead (with shelter close by) to take our chances.

Delving into the food took a matter of minutes as it was all beautifully presented. But be warned, once we had tried the crayfish and avocado baguette there was almost a fist fight to get the final bite.

Wholesome, soft mouthfuls of seeded bread nestled beautifully around the creamy, fresh seafood salad.

The Mediterranean vegetables baguette did not disappoint either with its chargrilled courgettes and peppers being a particular favourite among the chunky ciabatta.

The mint homemade lemonade was also a refreshing and healthy side to wash the food down with and the berry iced tea was sweet and satisfying, with a slightly sharp kick to it.

Finishing the basket off were two juicy fruits and a homemade brownie and fruity flapjack, both of which were perfectly sweetened, crumbling away with every bite.

Generally this is excellent value for money and well worth it for preparation-free picnicking. Delivery options available and baskets can be pre-ordered.

Tom's Kitchen, 11 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, E14 4HD, 020 3011 1555,