Meantime launches London's first hop farm in a century

By Rob Virtue on June 17, 2014 10:51 AM |


London's craft beer revival continues at pace and has now seen Meantime Brewing build its own hop garden at Greenwich Peninsula.

The site on the Thames, overlooking Canary Wharf, is on the Greenwich Meridian Line.

Hops from the garden, the first in the capital for over 100 years, will be used to produce beer this autumn.

But the Greenwich-based company also hope the initiative will shine a light on London's brewing resurgence.

Currently there are over 60 breweries in the city, compared with just three in 2007.


Rich Myers, Meantime's marketing director, said: "London is an exciting place to be a brewer right now. The variety of ingredients at our disposal is huge and it allows us to pack flavour into our beer. I hope that our hop farm - the first in London in over 100 years - will make more of the public aware of that fact.

"While brewing was an industry that declined to an almost terminal point in London during the 1990s, a new generation of modern craft businesses has got it back on its feet and there are some fantastic beers that are bold, full of flavour and character - just like the city itself. The beer we will create is about championing our Capital's rich brewing heritage."

The hop farm has been designed by landscape gardener Kate Lonergan and includes 48 hop top roots in 12 hand crafted wooden planters