LCY evacuated after late passenger sets off fire alarm to delay their flight

By Rachel Bishop on June 18, 2014 1:08 PM |

city airport.jpg

London City Airport was evacuated yesterday after a passenger running late attempted to delay their flight by setting off the fire alarm.

The passenger, who was due to travel to Frankfurt, smashed the alarm in an attempt to gain access to the plane from another gate after being blocked from boarding it.

A City airport spokeswoman said: "The alarm was triggered around 2.45pm and a full evacuation carried out.

"The source was quickly identified and staff and passengers were able to re-enter the building around 15 minutes later.

"Lovely though Frankfurt is, the person who triggered the alarm will probably, with hindsight, wish they had taken it on the chin and re-booked as the matter was taken up by police."

A Metropolitan police spokesman said today the incident had been dealt with "in house" and the passenger was allowed to board another flight after being quizzed by officers.