Katherine Ryan chats about TV stars, glamour models and the UK

By Rachel Bishop on June 10, 2014 9:00 AM |


Best known for appearances on 8 Out Of 10 Cats and Mock The Week, comedian Katherine Ryan headlined at the Laughing Boy Comedy Club at the weekend.

Ahead of the gig at Stratford Circus the Canadian took a few minutes away from a play date with her daughter and friend ("I'm really lucky as I get to choose my daughter's friends as to whether I like their parents") to chat about TV stars, glamour models and living in London.

Comedians v TV stars

■ "I hate TV stars. Most of them are jackasses. These new reality TV stars are the worst - they have the biggest egos and want the biggest dressing rooms.
"With comedians even if you're on telly you are still regularly touring and performing live and can see the audience reaction.
"That's what makes comedians more down to earth - someone like Jimmy Carr, who despite being really famous, is still normal. Comedians are still a bit on the outside commenting on the world, or news, so they are never treated in the same way as TV stars."

Comedy life v normal life

■ "My friends don't expect me to be funny all the time - in fact they're funnier than me. I'm like most comedians and really dull in real life, but then it would be really annoying if I just walked around all day coming out with one liners.

"I got into comedy after I had my daughter in 2009. I was on maternity leave and I just had more freedom to write and allowed me to go out in the evenings - having booked a babysitter, of course - I didn't just leave her alone. My comedy material comes from many different places. I'm always telling really embarrassing stories about myself. I tell this one about my ex cheating on me with a glamour model.

"You know, I find it so weird over here how glamour models are a thing - I mean we have girls that get their t**s out in Canada, but we don't even have a name for them - but here they're treated like something of an inspiration."

London v the world

■ "I love London, it's a really great place because people from all different walks of life are here.

"British people love talking to me because they want to hear what people from around the world sound like and what they think of the UK. I'm an outsider living in the UK, but I consider myself to be British, although I am still a proud Canadian too."

REVIEW: Laughing Boy Comedy Club, Stratford Circus, June 7

Although Katherine was the headline act and had some hilarious material, the previous acts were all incredibly good.


Romesh Ranganathan (right) had fantastic banter with the crowd, including a rather cheeky chap called Dave, who provided him with a few challenging heckles, which he batted back with excellent execution.

Young comedian Elliot Steel, spoke about his life as a 17-year-old from Croydon with some painfully close to reality, but very funny, anecdotes.

Another stand-out act was Marlon Davies who brought his story about moving in with his dad and tales about his girlfriend round to a neat end, with plenty of relatable stories inside.

The next comedy performance at Stratford Circus will be Men's Comedy Health Check on July 18 and the next Laughing Boy Comedy Club will be an Edinburgh Preview with Richard Herring & Shappi Khorsandi.