John Biggs: Beaten, but I'm still fighting

By Jon Massey on June 4, 2014 11:41 AM |



By John Biggs

Well, last week I stood for mayor of Tower Hamlets and I lost. I am quite a good loser (in politics you tend to get practice) but I am not convinced I was beaten totally fairly.

Many others are grumpy too. However, the other guy got more votes than me, so it's back to the day job at City Hall.

Politics is about passions, and strongly held views, and I wouldn't have gone for it if I hadn't a fair share of those.

And so it will be frustrating to see the borough badly led for another four years, based on my opinion of Lutfur Rahman over the last four.

I had a whole stack of ideas, and a great team. Thanks, by the way, to those who supported me.

There is a bigger concern, though, which is about the polarisation of our community.

The re-elected mayor was overwhelmingly supported by his community, and I respect that support, but he must now serve everyone.

The test of his success, or failure, will be if he is willing to do that. If he is, I will stand alongside him.

It is not without reason that people like me have, regardless of party politics, spent the last few decades working to bring communities together.

Keeping it that way is the biggest challenge, and prize, and will unlock the future for every one of the East End's hungry, ambitious, huddled communities.

That's what brought me to politics. And you haven't heard the last of me yet.

■ John Biggs is London Assembly Member for City and East