Jim Fitzpatrick: Election result was a shame



By Jim Fitzpartick

Iexpect many people will be glad that the local elections are over after months of people ringing their doorbell and putting leaflets through their letterbox. I'm disappointed with the mayoral result. John Biggs was a fantastic candidate who, above all, would have brought transparency to the council.

But we live in a democracy and we have to move on, at least at some point.

What I cannot accept, however, is the way various people conducted themselves at election time and the long delay in the results being announced.

Voters deserve to know the truth on both counts and why despite extra safeguards Tower Hamlets was still the only exception across the country where this kind of thing happens.

I have been in discussions with the council and the Electoral Commission and I will continue to look for answers until we know the full story.

The bottom line is if there was widespread malpractice than the people of Tower Hamlets could have been robbed of a different future and that is as serious as it gets.

In other news, many of you would have heard that local GP surgeries are facing financial difficulty due to planned changes in NHS funding.

I, along with representatives from the Jubilee St Practice and local Clinical Commissioning Group had an encouraging meeting with the minister responsible last week and I'll continue to keep everyone updated.

■ Jim Fitzpatrick is MP for Poplar and Limehouse