Greenwich+Docklands International Festival launches tomorrow with stunning aerial performances

By Rachel Bishop on June 19, 2014 9:01 AM |


Get ready for gravity-defying aerial choreography, global stories of war and peace, a house turned inside out, stilt walkers and madcap artists filling the streets this week as the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival (GDIF) returns for 2014.

GDIF artistic director Bradley Hemmings chatted about the festival ahead of the opening performance Muare, where aerial performers will wow audiences in an "immersive experience."

He said: "There will be performances all the over the area - including Safe House, an aerial performance set against a house, where performers interact with the installations.

"For people in Canary Wharf we have our lunch time shows, which will be a nice thing to pop and watch around the area.


"One which is interesting is La Mirada Interior, where the audience can choose the music the dancers perform to.

"Also, for the first time this year we have performances at the Olympic Park."

The festival will transform familiar streets and public spaces into more than 50 outdoor events from leading UK and international artists.

Bradley said: "We will be bringing a really good programme this year. I would say expect the unexpected.

"There will be unusual and fascinating acts within the normal day-to-day setting, which will all be from UK and international performers."

The festival will run from June 20 to 28. Go to