Fitness: Latest keep fit gadgets

By Rob Virtue on June 2, 2014 12:30 PM |

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Niggling injury or lack of motivation - whatever your fitness quandary this summer, there's a new kid on the fitness block to help out, writes Laura Williams.

■ For the statistician

It didn't take Garmin long to enter the activity tracker market. The new Vivofit is pretty similar to other activity tracker bands displaying steps, calories and distance along with a function to monitor sleep.


It also pairs with a heart rate monitor minimising the need for multiple gadgets when you're at the gym. Vivofit's biggest plus has to be the fact that one charge lasts a year. Yes, you read that right.

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■ For the couch-potato's parent

As another half term draws to a close, you may be wondering how you're going to keep the kids active over the summer break. Enter the new LeapFrog LeapBand, the first activity tracker for children.


The LeapBand enables the user to create their very own personalised virtual pet who benefits from the activity points.

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■ For the hygiene fanatic

Towelmate's new patented towel, above, has one side for wiping your skin and another for wiping gym equipment.


In case gym germs are tempted to stray onto your skin side, the two sides are even separated by a germ shield middle layer.

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■ For the serious exerciser

Compression wear is big business right now. Kymira Sport has developed a range of performance and recovery enhancing sportswear that claims to harness surplus energy and convert it to infrared.


Apparently this helps with everything from improved circulation to pain relief.

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■ For the music lover

An absence of wires, a three month subscription to sports community, Endomondo and the fact that they're rainproof means the latest Jabra Sport Wireless+ headphones make my "must have" fitness accessory list this summer.


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■ For the alt-therapy fan

Way stronger than your fridge magnet, therapeutic magnets are said to reduce everything from joint pain to migraines.


The Trion:Z, is a range of sporty magnetic bracelets although some scientists claim increased circulation is impossible as iron in the blood is not in a magnetic form.

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■ For the fitness fashion bunny

Using state of the art technology, Berlei's newest sports bra will keep you jiggle and sweat free while keeping an eye on your exercise intensity.


It comes with an integrated heart rate sensor so you can ditch your usual clunky strap.

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