The Great British Craft Beer Challenge and BrewDog's head brewer get crafty

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The Great British Craft Beer Challenge is back and ready for an old fashioned pub brawl.

The first round took place on May 10, in a battle between northern monkeys and southern softies, with northern craft beer the Un-Human Cannonball from Magic Rock Brewing named champion.

A spokesman for the challenge said: "As well as a choice of beers big enough to please the palate of Britain's most hardened beer enthusiasts and casual beer drinkers alike, the festival offers an amazing array of entertainment, home-brewing demonstrations, pub games and food matching.

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"If that isn't enough, each event will feature a plethora of live music acts."

The next round will see British craft beers take on the Europeans on May 31. Round Four will see Great Britain take on the Commonwealth on August 9 before the finale on September 13, in which Great Britain tackle The Rest of the World.

The events cost £4 and take place at The Brewhouse in Helmsley Place.



With the explosion of craft beers in our pubs, shops and festivals in the last five years, expert BrewDog put forward its head brewer Stewart Bowman to explain a little more about this crafty tipple.

■ What exactly is craft beer?
It is beer that has been created by people who actually care about how the beer tastes; everything we do is for the betterment of our beer.

■ Why has it become so huge recently?
People are bored of the same generic lagers that have no character, they want beer that is provocative and has integrity and attitude.

■ How does it differ to your normal ale or pint of lager?
It differs in every way. Some craft beer is subtle and mellow and some grabs you by the face.

■ What can a craft beer do that a normal beer can't?
It can make you pause in your everyday hectic life and rediscover how incredible beer can be. We've let the man tell us what we should be drinking for far too long.

■ What can't it do?
Stop George Lucas.

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