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By Beth Allcock on May 28, 2014 10:21 AM |



Katy Perry
Prismatic World Tour, The O2

The candy coloured contrast couldn't have been greater.

While the O2 was surrounded by rainclouds and drenched in squally showers inside, packed with pop fans, Katy Perry brought splashes of neon, super-cool cartoon cats and a huge burst of energy.

She'd come well prepared too, the California Girl, for the switch to less sunny climes.

Fronting the final dates of her Prismatic tour in east London with a sell-out crowd welcoming her to North Greenwich, a huge sunflower umbrella crept from the ceiling adding to her flower power mic stand in the heart of the two-hour set.

If that wasn't enough to inject a feel-good vibe into a dreary Tuesday night, the dome-themed set crammed with a kaleidoscope of striking hues and eras as contrasting as the colours striped through the Santa Barbara girl's barnet, certainly was.

Kicking off with favourite and recent album hit Roar, crowds were catapulted through acidic hues and neon skipping sets to a clubby version of Wide Awake and This Moment.

The yellowy warmth of summertime arrived courtesy of Egyptian inspiration, pyramids springing up, themed dancers and an entrance on a model of an imposing gold horse all in preparation for hit Dark Horse.

Equally as impressive as the much-loved lyrics confidently chanted out were the stunning sets, jaw-dropping gymnasts and decked-out dancers which meant the 29-year-old achieved the seemingly impossible.

She held the crowd in the palm of her hand while making The O2 feel like an altogether more intimate setting.

Whether donning a neon bikini for Teenage Dream, decked out in a Happy Birthday leotard to perform the tune with the same name or surrounded by giant floating emoji's - the final result was spectacular.

It wasn't all candy floss and cuteness though, as the pop princess opened her heart to fans about being in a "not so great place" to pen by The Grace of God, showcasing her vocal skills in a heartfelt rendition.

Rumours suggested Ms Perry was set to bring a stadium tour to an arena.

She did just that and - kitted out in a neon pink catsuit with ears - proved she's without doubt the Katy-kat who got the cream.

>Katy Perry will perform at The O2 on May 30 and 31.

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