Psycle your way to fitness using a scientific workout

By Rachel Bishop on May 2, 2014 10:00 AM |


Spinning is an intense exercise routine, designed for those who want to get ultra-fit, and likely to put off those who prefer a more laid-back approach.

Psycle is the compromise as the injection of music helps distract participants from the 45 minutes marathon.

Former Fitness First managing director Colin Wagget, who came up with the idea for Psycle, teamed up with health experts, including former Olympic triathlete Tim Weeks, to devise and choreograph the exercises.

The science behind Psycle is simple - combining music and rhythm helps you go faster because it's more enjoyable that way - but how does it actually work?

Colin said: "Research shows music has the ability to change your state of mind in an instant - so with the right soundtrack you get into a frame of mind where you work harder than you thought possible.

"We take this to the next level at Psycle by focusing nearly all the movements, choreography and pedal speeds on the music so there is no option other than to let the music take over.

"It's much easier, and more enjoyable, to push yourself further by keeping in time with the music.

"A Psycle class combines high intensity interval training, which helps raise the metabolism and therefore increases overall calorie burn, with aspects of strengthening and conditioning for good posture and a strong core."

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