Luxury Hotel Yacht Sunborn will open its doors for business in June

By Rachel Bishop on May 23, 2014 8:00 AM |


The capital's first luxury super yacht hotel will open next month at Royal Victoria Dock.

The 120m-long boat will be unveiled on June 2, with a 15 year contract, offering luxury function space and accommodation - especially catering for those visiting the Excel centre.

Marketing manager Michael O'Brien spoke ahead of the launch about what visitors can expect on board.


He said: "The concept is a full, four star deluxe hotel. We have 136 bedrooms, featuring a mix of classic and executive rooms and suites.

"Sundowner is our bar, where people can sit out on the deck as the sun sets and watch it go down behind the towers at Canary Wharf.


"Land's End restaurant is named after what the area was called in the 1800s when it was at the end of London."

Most staff have been sourced from community support scheme Elba and didn't have to provide any previous service experience, but they had to show what they were made of at an open day at the Excel Centre.


Michael said: "We got them to do a bit of role play - things like checking people in and serving a drink. We also wanted to see how they would handle a difficult situation, so set up someone acting rudely towards them to see how they would react.

"You cannot teach someone to have a good attitude and be friendly, but these people all do."


The Sunborn concept was created by Turku-based family the Neimis, but is managed through management company ISS, based in South Quay.

Michael said: "We are heavily driven by the business market. When there isn't an event on at Excel we will be giving a real push for business from other areas, but so far we have had a fantastic response - we have had people queuing outside saying they just want to come in for a drink or food. People seem to love it."


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