Data blog: The nation's favourite sandwich

By Giles Broadbent on May 12, 2014 12:12 PM |



Following a survey last week in the buildup to British Sandwich week, the nation's favourite sandwich is revealed as... we can reveal that the nation's favourite sandwich is a...


13% of those survey chose bacon, lettuce and tomato as their favourite sandwich filling.

See our interactive graphic for more details.

Chicken and bacon came in third with 11%, followed by tuna mayo on 7%, (other got 10% of the votes)

The baguette was the favoured bread of choice, selected by 28% of voters. That was followed by brown sliced, 17% and white sliced, 15%.

As a combo, a BLT in a baguette was the top choice with 5.7% of votes

When it comes to the sexes the top three changes.

For men it's BLT (16%), Chicken and bacon (13%), then bacon (7%). For women BLT (11%), Tuna mayo (9%), and chicken and bacon (9%).

18-30s prefer chicken and bacon (16%), as do 30-40s (13%). However, 40-50s prefer the BLT (15%), as do 50-60s (15%), 60-70s (19%), and the over 70s (33%)