Blonde's Eye View: How to really resign

By Rob Virtue on May 27, 2014 1:34 PM |



by Angela Clarke

Resigning used to simply involve a private letter to your superior and a mandatory last day drink with your soon-to-be-ex-colleagues, safe in the knowledge you'd be forgotten by the following week.

They would get on without you. You would be replaced by another office drone. You'd have new work woes. It's the circle of strife.

The internet has revolutionised quitting. You no longer have to be carried out by security swearing to go down in office history. You just need your resignation to go viral.

Last week Kim Lehmkul, a city clerk in California, hit the news when her email telling her boss where to stick it took off.

She wrote: "This has been an atrocious, incredibly depressing and mind-numbingly inane experience I would not wish on anyone.

"I wish the city the best of luck in finding some schmuck eager to transcribe every last misogynistic joke, self-indulgent anecdote and pathetic pandering attempt by council, and every tinfoil hat conspiracy theory, racist aside, and Nimby asshattery from the lovely council meeting frequent flyers, without which, surely our democracy could not flourish."

Go Kim! You have voiced the anger that is in so many of us. Hundreds of Wharfers were shouting asshat along with you (in their heads).

Those looking for a sweeter way to quit could take inspiration from Chris Holmes, who iced his resignation from the Border Force on a cake last April.

Or follow the lead set by Marina Shifrin, who quit her production job with an "interpretive dance" set to Kanye West's Gone.

When you've got to go, you've got to go in style.

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